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"Sherlock, did you really accidentally clone yourself?"

"Oh John. Since when is anything we do an accident?"

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this was inspired by francesksgk’s top!lockXbottom!lock art!! BECAUSE BOTH, BOTH IS GOOD (i couldn’t resist adding John too tho)


∞ Scenes of Sherlock

John: Why have you suddenly taken an interest in another human being?
Sherlock: I’m… chatting.

Oh god I feel you on this. Martin Freeman has a particular pair of glasses that make him look WAY too much like my father and it hurts me. It hurts me deeply.

yeah like my dad’s 63 and so it’s not like they look alike now, but i have old pics of my folks when they were my age and damn, they were goodlooking. my dad has a sort of dennis quaid vibe going, and my mom is a deadringer for winona ryder. but once in a while a pic of ben c looks just a liiiiittle too much like my dad circa 1990, and i want to die.

ok so

i’ve seen some photos on my dash in which ben c vaguely resembles old pictures of my dad and i

it’s very upsetting

Sunday Six; and, An Apology



So, I’ve been in a HUGE RUT when it comes to writing. The past few weeks have been insanely busy, and full-on murder at work, and I’ve been so stressed out and exhausted that when I’ve had a single second to myself to write, I just don’t have the mental energy or wherewithal to get anything on the page. For this I sincerely apologize, especially to people who are waiting on things (you know who you are). I fell in love with Kelley’s super sweet and sexy art, and am using it to inspire another chapter of my 50 reasons prompt fic Permutations. As this fic is intended to write sexy little one-shots in the hope that they function as writing exercises to fuel inspiration for other projects, here’s hoping I’m getting myself back in the game.

John arranges himself on the sofa, pulling one leg up to drape behind Sherlock and bending the other at the knee to create a vee of space between his legs. He pats the leather there and says, “Come on, then.”

Sherlock scrambles in a way that is adorable in its lack of dignity. He throws his right leg over John’s bent one, and wraps the other around John’s hip, fitting it between John and the back of the sofa. There is still some space between them, but only a little, and John lifts one hand to cup Sherlock’s jaw as the other slides around the nape of his neck. “Ready?”

“Just do it already!”



Weird Science [pt. 1]

In which Sherlock manages to create a cloning apparatus in the kitchen of 221b.  To be continued…

On a side note, let’s all be cool and pretend that the science makes sense kthnxbai


"Did I do it wrong?"

"No, you did’t. Come here."

Sorry, did I just spoil the scene for you guys?

I’m just really fond of the idea of Sherlock misinterpreting John’s moans and while drawing this, I was either blushing horribly red or giggling behind my hand… or both.

so yeah, have some post S3-Johnlock-smut, folks. 

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As promised.  DANCING. *flails*

*sobs quietly for what could have been*

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i am having so much trouble waiting for this chapter of permutations to be betaed so much i want to post so bad i have itchy posting finger after over a month of writer’s block aaahhhhh

But huzzah to you for pushing through writer’s block! Well done you!

:D thank you!

truly, this fic is just a bunch of sexy little one-shots that are intended to be a writing exercise for when i’m stumped, so i’m sorta hoping that it’ll jar loose whatever’s keeping me from completing other, more pressing assignments. and it’s only like, 1.1k. but. still. it’s always fun to post a new thing!

i am having so much trouble waiting for this chapter of permutations to be betaed so much i want to post so bad i have itchy posting finger after over a month of writer’s block aaahhhhh



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a-causidicus replied to your post: Sunday Six; and, An Apology

I LOVE your Sherlock. He feels so real. And great.

:D thank you! i love writing him. i love writing mycroft too. they are just such precious bundles of raw nerves covered up in intrigue and bespoke clothing and comfort accessories and i just really relate to that.

'and the sea so deep' chapter five


Here is chapter five of and the sea so deep - an Easter treat from me to you! As always, I apologize for how long it has been - but here’s a nice big 16,000-word chapter for you!

Please note that the rating of this story has changed from M to E, and E things happen within this chapter.

Enjoy, and if you’re celebrating have a nice holiday! :)


the joke was over

but the lunch rush was just beginning


So I doodled some height difference kisses.