I remember seeing some Robert Downey Jr pin up manips. So I wanted to try Benedict ones. I was having so much fun. Images from (X)

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Remember the last time when you tricked me and made me make a bet you knew you would win?

yes that was the best day

is the time of reckoning upon us

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when will i be part of allison’s lesbian harem

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  now accepting applications  

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i will allow you to be offended by this if i am in in your crushes ready go post

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My Tumblr Crushes:

  1. thekneegrope
  2. thescienceofobsession
  3. wsswatson
  4. superjewess
  5. scullyseviltwin
  6. bbcatemysoul
  7. graceebooks
  8. anotherwellkeptsecret
  9. hermannsparka

proving my neverending devotion to jen

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  thekneegrope     thescienceofobsession     wsswatson     superjewess     scullyseviltwin     bbcatemysoul     graceebooks     anotherwellkeptsecret     hermannsparka     this is a good list i like this list  

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The Imitation Game promo stills

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  this is gonna hurt so bad     i'm so glad erin is my co-trashcan     bc i will be a fucking mess  

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Also, this passage brings back memories of high school, you set the scene so well…not sure what age their supposed to be, but this speaks to my 15-17 year old self

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yess.. this.. pleases us. <3

literally i should have been writing f/f my entire life idek what i was thinking

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We didn’t think about it. We sat off to the side with our tickets and our purses and slathered sunscreen on ourselves, let the line form, laughed at them for standing so long in the sun. Then we got on the boat and there wasn’t anywhere left to sit.

But that was all right, it was okay, we found a corner near the back of the ship where they stashed the buoys, and it was also where you could smoke. Raina had brought a dugout and bat and some weed, so that was good, and the edge of the rail was right at a comfortable height to lean against, and there were three dollar Yuenglings and it was hot on land and cool on the water and the sea was everywhere and all of it was really very good.

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  abitnotgood     i should probably stop showing my hand but     i'm really excited about this story     my fic  

oh good some people want to read my lesbian neck kissing story yay!

there will also be whales

and $3 yuenglings

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  i know it sounds weird but go with it     i'm so excited about it  

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Pages 25, 26 and 27 of Oh, What A Night.

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A gentle reminder that I don’t draw explicit art.

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  anotherwellkeptsecret     your art is amaze     and i love it so much     and you're perfect     and you can draw cuddlies     and kisses     and curlers in hair     and hip freckles     to your heart's content     especially hip freckles     let's be honest     and i will love and reblog every last one  

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"For whatever reason I can't reply to things? But, um, yes yes yes I would want to read the thing. :D"

haha i think you could reply to the original post, which i reblogged twice, just to make it extra confusing for everyone.

thank you!

i’ve got this very hemingway-esque idea (which i love because: f/f) and i’m really like, completely inspired and have a handle around the whole thing in a way i haven’t been in years, for original stuff.

and maybe the plan is to submit it for publication, if it comes out the way i want it to, but i wouldn’t mind getting the opinions of some friends :)

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last night as i was falling asleep i had this really brilliant idea for an original short story and i was like no i must record this somehow or else i will forget and was really proud of myself for doing so only just now a reminder popped up on my phone and all it says is “lesbian short story with neck kissing” and i’m like ??? ?? ??/?

UPDATE i have come up with my lesbian neck kissing story and it’s gonna be good and this is my first inspiration for original fic in like years i am so eXCITE

UPDATE original fic off to a really strong start now don’t wanna jump the gun but any chance any of you would be interested in reading original fic (either short or short-short format, f/f, not explicit) if i were to post it someplace?

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  no pressure     just wondered